BRKT Group is specializing in all types of Business Development in both Israel and abroad.

Business Development


The BRKT Development Team is composed of veteran business and marketing personnel with intimate knowledge of the markets, buying trends and strategies to ensure increased sales and wider markets.


The team investigates in depth the item or services offered, and, together with the assistance of the Information Section of BRKT, connects you to the appropriate people and organizations internationally. It arranges your meetings and also displays your product(s) in exhibitions and conventions.


The data and know-how provided by the Information Team represents an enormous upgrade for marketing prospects and increases customer potential.


BRKT works world-wide and is able to provide the information for marketing in the Far East, Arabian and African countries.


These projects and work schedules are together in full co-operation of the customer's marketing personnel to establish a winning team. After contact is made with the target customer, and a meeting set up via BRKT, the customer's market manager takes over. In instances where many meetings are held, our clients prefer that BRKT representation continues in order to speed up the process. This extends to opening up the new markets and identifying opportunities for growth.


The challenges in this field of operation are many and include:


  • Identifying and discovering business opportunities world-wide

  • Selection and collation of relevant tenders

  • Providing potential customers' details in the target country necessary for managers. 

  • distributors, retailers, wholesalers etc.

  • Collecting data predicting trends and potential growth and identifying opportunities

  • Providing detailed data on the local markets, businesses and like transactions in the targeted country

  • Market surveys and/or pricing and sales

  • Detailed lists of finances and listings of local traders


BRKT customers consistently benefit from our efficiency, quality of service, discreetness and speed.

BRKT Services - Business Development