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The BRKT Group is an agency specializing in all types of business and general intelligence and security in both Israel and abroad.

The BRKT Group knows that intelligence means strength. Full, accurate information is necessary to make the right decisions in any organization. This is true in personal decisions [for example, hiring senior staff, personnel, entering into partnerships etc.,] or financial and business decisions [such as investments in new ventures, partnerships with other concerns, entering new markets, Markey strategy etc.
As is well known, a good director is one who bases his/her decisions on facts and foreknowledge, more so than on instinct ("gut decisions")/Who has not suffered damage when a seemingly correct decision turns sour resulting in critical financial loss and organizational damages? Both the wise and the sensible know that early, accurate, complete intelligence ensures correct decision-making processes.Thus various items of information reach the desk of the director, [or for that matter, that of the internal control officer or security officer] who needs to examine, analyze, and verify in order to evaluate the usefulness and quality of the data presented. To ignore this most essential part of the process can severely damage the reputation, the finances and the future of the organization.
It is exactly for these and like examples that BRKT enters the picture. On receiving the directive from you, the client, investigating start the analyses in order to present you with the most accurate and essential data for your needs, enabling you to decide what action to take on the personal, organizational and even legal level.
Below is a list of the most common projects encountered:
  • Market survey
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Locating customers
  • Competitive and competition data
  • Hidden customers: identifying anonymous buyers
  • Locating debtors
  • Compiling personal files
In addition, we provide guidance, instruction, lectures, tutorials and practical field experience at the highest level including for those responsible in civil and governmental organizations.

BRKT Services - Intelligence

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