About Us

BRKT consists of teams of professionals and specialists in their fields, analysts, Internet researchers, information/data bank and information systems experts.



Detection and Investigators :


Observation and tracing, photographers, and researchers each of whom is licensed by the Justice Ministry to carry out private investigations.

In addition we have polygraph examiners.



Sales & Marketing Team :


Experienced business experts with managerial back-grounds locally and abroad.



Analysts :


Central support centre for information and data services, data mining and information services.



Medical Tourists Team:


Experienced escorts and assistants. Excellent connections with the best medical teams and professional personnel, all services and hotel accommodation.

Each client is headed by senior staff who correlates between patient and hospital and arranges the appointments, transport and is constantly at hand.



* Our customers receive professional service on a daily or weekly basis as they choose. 


* The BRKT team excels in expertise, discreetly and efficiency.


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