The BRKT Group is an agency specializing in all types of business and general intelligence and security in both Israel and abroad.

The business world, unfortunately, enables unsavory elements to exert their influences which do not identify with honest business standards. Common deviations are fraud, misrepresentation, stealing, including information, industrial espionage and sabotage. Very few organizations exist which have not been the victim of one or more of these crimes.
Similar to the continuous development in the Security World, improving and updating of the processes and tools used is an ongoing process in the public and private sectors. BRKT is at the forefront of the latest methodologies that ensure success and satisfaction. Here we act as/at the right hand of the director, the security officer, etc.
By identifying and uncovering the "weak links" and "leakage points", preventative measures can be installed which also can reveal the culprits themselves. This can also involve a full background investigation of those seeking responsible and senior postsin your organization.
The staff of BRKT is fully familiar with the world of investigation and investigative techniques, with intimate knowledge of its intricacies. The extensive experience we bring with us saves your organization precious time and resources. This is because we know how to identify and neutralize the major troublesome foci.
In addition, our expertise in collecting data and implementing the necessary actions enable us to predict when and where the perpetrator will strike next. We are also able to identify his whereabouts or haven until he next decides to act!
The actions are carried out by experience veterans drawn from the various divisions of the Israeli Intelligence Services and from other security sources, including those abroad, as and when required.


Important observation:


Carrying out certain actions and undertaking hidden or discreet surveyance demands the utmost in professionalism, credibility, accuracy, and practical experience. Unfortunately, there are those in similar organizations where these qualities are lacking. This causes the profession to acquire a bad name.


In the BRKT Group, we are very strict in our demands. We work only with those who measure up to the highest level, whose qualities of professionalism dedication and credibility have been proved time and time again in that most sensitive of all testing arenas – that of the field of battle. There, every action or decision has life or death connotations.


We are proud that we have extended these unique qualities into our work with the civilian population sharing the know-how, the experience, the utilization of specialist tools and the latest in technology.


Needless to say, but all such work is carried out with the utmost sensitivity, discretion and secrecy.


Examples of Typical Projects :


  • Fraud investigation

  • Embezzlement investigation

  • Locating debtors

  • Economic researches

  • Follow-ups and predictions

  • Polygraph tests

  • Polygraph test preparation

  • Market trends and surveys


We also carry out instruction courses, lectures and field trials/exercises at professionally high levels, including actual work in the field, trainer facilities and work cases.


Training examples:


Preparing sales staff and senor managers to prevent leakage of information to rivals: {who is unaware of the "mingling" as an essential ingredient of social functions or the "exchanges" with fellow-travelers in flight or the use of the Internet whilst abroad?!}


Training with both open and secret agents in exercises and in actual cases.Specializing in gathering information for Sales personnel.

BRKT Services - Investigation